Sunday, 24 October 2010

Some Old Works

Here are some of my old(ish) works but unfortunately no sketches, since I haven't yet scanned any and a scanner is something I do not own. I'm glad there's school and parents' place, though, where I can fulfill the task of scanning in the future. If you've been to my DeviantArt account or have seen me at Desucon selling prints or just happen to know me there's really nothing new in this post for you. But for those who haven't seen what I do yet, here's a little something!

Ah, hopefully I'll learn some website coding later, too, so I can finally fulfill the wish of making my own portfolio site.

So, more sketchy stuff, good and bad, in the future. See you later!

Good Afternoon, the Beginning

I am here to start a blog, mainly consisting of my sketches, sources of inspiration and sometimes my finished works. 
I want to see myself developing skills and finding new enjoyment in making pictures, which I find rather tough at the moment due to too high self-set goals and the dread of white paper. I'm trying to develop a less serious mindset for life and yet a little more serious one for work that's too often done in rush before the deadline. Well, there's a high goal for you again, but what can one do. Got to give it a try!